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Celeste Phutela

Celeste Phutela

DevOps Engineer, Fidelity International


I am a Devops Engineer who began her career 8 years ago at Fidelity International. Within my current team, where we excel in delivering aws accounts at scale, I have a particular interest in cloud networking. However, when I’m not geeking out over bytes and bandwidth, you can catch me snapping pics, travelling or keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

CASE STUDY: Deploying with Confidence: Achieving Zero Downtime Deployment Across Our Enterprise AWS Landscape
This presentation explores strategies for achieving seamless deployment in our enterprise AWS environment. Emphasizing rigorous automated testing, peer review processes, pipelines as code, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC), we uncover the essentials for deploying with confidence. Learn how these strategies streamline processes, minimize risks, and enhance efficiency, empowering enterprises to excel.