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Ivett Bene

Ivett Bene

Knowledge and Expertise Management Coordinator, European Medicines Agency


Ivett Bene coordinates Knowledge and Expertise Management in Human Medicines at the European Medicines Agency in Amsterdam. In this role, she implements end-to-end Knowledge Management, target operation model, and culture improvement programs with a focus on making knowledge accessible and credible for knowledge workers and AI (artificial intelligence). With over 25 years of KM-relevant experience from strategy design to lean processes, she also co-founded C-SYNC, a podcast, and social media approach to knowledge management, and works as an agile coach and a confidential counsellor. What you can expect from the talk is to understand how social media can play a role in the corporate world and how human expertise plays a key role in the AI revolution.

Capture and Share Tacit Knowledge
Efficient O.R.E.O. (Onboarding, Reboarding, Everboarding, and Offboarding) processes are crucial in today’s dynamic corporate world. Knowledge sharing at any stage of our career benefits not only the recipient but also fosters a culture of continuous sharing, learning, innovation, and growth. O.R.E.O. processes serve as essential mechanisms for seamless tacit, implicit, and explicit knowledge transfer, and can be tailored to focus on processes, technology, organisational design and information (POTI).

We’ve implemented an effective employment lifecycle-linked, multigenerational knowledge management program to equip everyone with collective wisdom, driving both organizational and individual success. This program does not only focus on business value and tangible results but it also helps build a career portfolio or a career ladder to increase employee engagement. Last but not least, we capture and share operational and strategic knowledge using tools and media that we love in our private lives such as blogs, podcasts, interviews, indexed videos, and immersive reading to facilitate work in a hybrid or remote environment and enhance employee wellbeing through screenless options.