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Marjolein Pordon

Marjolein Pordon

Senior Quality Consultant, Praegus


I am Marjolein Pordon, a low-code enthusiast from the Netherlands. I am a low-code quality consultant, test specialist and evangelist.

I enjoy helping companies enhance the quality of their low-code applications by emphasizing the specific risks of low-code application development, devise an appropriate test strategy and manage and/or conduct the test phases to be able to give a s Round Table: Presentation topic to be confirmed ound judgment about the quality of the system.

One of my goals is to share my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for low-code. To achieve this, you can find me as a speaker on various conferences preaching about low-code quality and sharing tips to reach this quality.

In the realm of software development, low-code platforms have emerged as a game-changer, promising rapid application creation and reduced development times. This chapter delves into the need for a balanced approach to speed in low-code development, drawing parallels with the precision and strategy of Formula 1 racing.

It highlights the potential benefits of accelerated delivery while shedding light on the associated risks and challenges. From maintaining code quality to addressing security concerns, this chapter explores the nuanced interplay between speed and caution in low-code, equipping readers with the insights needed to leverage the advantages of this dynamic technology while ensuring the longevity and reliability of their applications.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a newcomer to low-code, this chapter provides valuable guidance on how to navigate the fast lane with prudence, much like an F1 driver manoeuvring through a high-speed race.