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Baubak Gandomi

Baubak Gandomi

Senior QE Architect, Adobe


I studied at the Mid-Sweden University, Universität Leipzig (Germany) and finally graduated from the university of Stockholm, Sweden with a degree in Computer Sciences. I am currently a senior QE architect at Adobe, a position I have held for the last 10 years. Apart from upgrade tests I am very interested in continuous delivery methodologies, cross-product/teams testing and finding measurement methods for assessing functional and transactional coverage. When not solving Quality and Test related problems, I practice the martial art of Ninjutsu, and promote the ugliness of the world through my blog, Ugly City Guide.

The Challenges and Opportunities for Low Code Test Frameworks

Most testing systems and models, have two things in common these days:

  • Removing ambiguity in the findings by removing static
  • The following a predefined set of steps

In this presentation I make the point that these approaches need to and can go further, we make the point that scenarios that follow a predefined set of steps are too simplistic, and we need to include more complexity to the scenarios we execute. We will present a number of aspects of this complexity that need to be implemented together to help our scenarios address real work problems. These are:

  • Interruptions: The notion of time.
  • Events: The notion of events taking place during the tests.
  • Permutations: The user may take a different path than you originally intended.
  • ReUse : ReUsing existing