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Subhash Kotra

Subhash Kotra

QA Automation Lead, TIDE


Subhash brings with him nearly two decades of experience in the realm of Software Testing & Engineering. His primary focus throughout his career has been on delivering high-quality products to the market punctually. Beyond his professional achievements, Subhash has been an engaged participant in diverse community events. His support for open source projects underscores his commitment to collaborative and innovative initiatives. Additionally, he has distinguished himself as an enthusiastic speaker and blogger in various forums.

Maestro – A cutting-edge, low-code Mobile Automation framework
Automating mobile applications has historically posed a challenge, necessitating extensive code across various market offerings, with Appium notably at the forefront. In today’s era of accelerated time-to-market, there’s a demand for tools that minimize coding efforts and upkeep. This talk aims to explore Maestro, a cutting-edge, low-code Mobile Automation framework that leverages Appium, Espresso, and similar technologies. Maestro stands out for its streamlined setup, script-writing simplicity, and minimal maintenance requirements. Join us as we delve deeper into this innovative mobile automation solution.

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