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Kalarani Lakshmanan

Kalarani Lakshmanan

Engineering Director, ThoughtWorks


Kalarani plays the role of a Software Architect in Thoughtworks Chennai, where she brings her extensive 15-year experience to the forefront. Throughout her career, she has played various roles, including Developer, Tech Lead, Office Tech Principal and Engineering Director, across diverse domains such as Retail, Health Care, and Event Management. As a technologist, she is always on the lookout for tech solutions around her. Her contributions to the field have earned her recognition as a Working Women Achiever.

Accelerating Delivery – Quick intro into Automation for Continuous Deployment
In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, the imperative to deliver high-quality software rapidly has led to the widespread adoption of Continuous Deployment practices. This talk aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of the pivotal role that automation plays in achieving seamless and efficient continuous deployment. Key facets of the talk will include:

1. Automated Testing Strategies
2. CI/CD Pipelines
3. Infrastructure as code