This event is co-located with Agile & DevOps Showcase
Delegates may attend any sessions from across the two conferences.

Testers have always been at the coal face of ensuring that “stuff works as it should”.   Is there anything different in the actual testing of new digital products, new interfaces with clients which must always provide the optimum user experience?  How are testers coping?  What are the stories coming in?  What is working well and what can be done better?

At this event we are aiming to include many case studies as well as high quality technical/review presentations.  We will also feature the popular and interactive round table discussions (each addressing a different testing topic or issue) where all participants can join in, shape their learning, share their own experiences, and hear fresh ideas.

There is also an exhibition alongside featuring leading service providers, consultants and testing tool vendors.

Joint morning session of Keynote presentations with Agile & DevOps  

The Round Table session:This session is for 45 minutes. The speaker at each table will have a set theme and delegates join any table that they are interested in. This is a discussion group and so no presentation slides are necessary, but please submit a topic if you would like to chair a discussion on a topic related to Testing, Agile and DevOps.

Benefits of attending

  • Share ideas and brainstorm new approaches
  • Meet with Testing experts and professionals from your same industry areas
  • Develop and benchmark your Testing Strategies
  • Learn from others’ best practices, ideas and expertise
  • Discover latest technical skills, tools, tips and tricks in the industry
  • Discussion and networking are encouraged via Q&A sessions after the presentations and during the breaks

Topics to be covered:

  • Testing: “Measure twice, cut once”
  • Continuous Testing – running tests at each stage of s/w delivery pipeline.
  • Modern Software Testing
  • Sustainable Test Automation
  • Automation and SAFe
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Evolving beyond kanban Practical Security Testing for Mobile Apps
  • Testing: One Piece of the Puzzle
  • Team leadership
  • Individuals and interactions over process and tools

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Call for Participation

We are inviting speakers – thought leaders, subject experts and start up entrepreneurs – to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about their work and their vision in the field of Agile & DevOps Expo.

We understand that successful projects are written up as “White Papers”. Please share these with us. But projects that did not achieve their targets – “Black Papers” – are of interest to us too. They can be a very important topics of discussion / panels that you can present. Talk to us about both, we welcome your input.

Please complete the speaker’s response form and submit a proposal to present at this event.

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    Inadvertent Local Optimisation

    Ash Winter,Tester, Diagram Industries Ltd

    While in the big bad, world of consultancy, I was tasked on numerous occasions with 'reviewing' the testing capability of an organisation and providing recommendations on how to improve. I did exactly that on those numerous occasions, passing judgement on the testing capability and pointing the organisation in (I believed) the right direction. I thought I had a decent handle on it, providing thoughtful context, sensitive strategies.

    I had the occasion to return to one of these companies to implement a something. Very little had changed. Or things had even got worse, testing (and testers) were in further distress. At first I was perplexed, then it struck me, I had engaged in inadvertent local optimisation. Testing and the state of it at an organisation was dependent on so many structural issues, that 'reviewing' testing alone was a peripheral action.

    I resolved to engage with organisations with a more open mind to looking for the root causes behind the perceived testing problems, encouraging them to deal with those first. I would like to present an experience report about going beyond your remit to help an organisation and the reactions prompted by that. My testing world looked very different to me afterwards.


    Ash Winter


Ash Winter

Tester, Diagram Industries Ltd

Previous Programme

  • Joint Morning session with Agile & DevOps Expo and Enterprise AI -

  • Chair for the joint morning session: Gary Moore, Vice President, Sogeti -

  • 09:00 -

    UNICOM’s Welcome

  • 09:05 -

    Chair’s scene setting

  • 09:15 -

    Keynote: Constraints, collaboration and coherence

  • 10:00 -

    Keynote: Putting the Customer First

  • 10:30 -

    Keynote: Agile Data for DevOps

  • 10:50 -

    Introduction to sponsors and supporting bodies

  • 11:00 -

    Tea / Coffee break

  • 11:30 -

    Keynote: Governance, Phases, and Milestones are not Agile dirty words!

  • 12:15 -

    Design Centric approach to Intelligent Automation (IA)

  • 12:45 -

    Keynote: Agile Revisited

  • 13:15 -


  • 14:15 -

    Round Table sessions

  • 14:45 -

    Change to separate tracks

  • Afternoon session on Testing -

  • Chair: Barry Weston, Sogeti -

  • 14:55 -

    Chair’s introduction

  • 15:00 -

    How to Achieve Continuous and Automated Performance Testing in Your Agile and DevOps Environment

  • 15:15 -

    Testing and debugging using record & replay technology

  • 15:30 -

    CASE STUDY: Please release me!

  • 15:50 -

    Tea / Coffee break

  • 16:05 -

    Best Practices to Leverage CI for Continuous Testing Visibility

  • 16:25 -

    Put on a Powersuit to Level Up your Automation Skills

  • 16:45 -

    Code Once Test Anywhere: On Demand Private Appium Device Cloud using ATD

  • 17:00 -

    The importance of Test Automation and Continuous Delivery

  • 17:15 -

    Chair’s summing up and close of conference

  • 17:30 -

    Drinks reception


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