Iwona is an Agile Delivery Manager at the Government Digital Service. She leads multidisciplinary teams and supports digital transformation across government.

Iwona is experienced in digital and technology delivering complex programmes in private sector across a range of industries: financial services, retail, media, technology, automotive as well as public sector.

Currently, her focus is agile delivery so she helps the teams and organisations find better ways of working by using a variety of agile principles and techniques. She’s an active member of the Agile Delivery Community of Practice in the UK government and runs events within the DPML agile meetup group.

How to Make Agile Delivery More Effective
In a world of complexity, uncertainty and shifting priorities, it’s important to be nimble and adapt to the rapidly changing environment. This means organisations need to change the ways of working and how they deliver digital services and products.

This talk delves into agile delivery, principles of agile governance and ways of working as key elements for successful delivery.

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