Wendy Cheong is Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Management – Asia Pacific for Moody’s Investors Service (MIS), based in Hong Kong. In her role, Wendy works closely with MIS senior management to formulate business concepts and strategies for Asia Pacific and then transform them into operational policies and solutions. In addition to leveraging emergent and existing opportunities for MIS, Wendy works closely with the MIS Lines of Business, Moody’s Analytics, Shared Services, and Moody’s affiliates in Asia Pacific to present a unified approach for achieving shared objectives.

Prior to her current role, Wendy was Director – Senior Product Strategist at Moody’s Analytics for 4 years. Her team was responsible for managing and growing Moody’s Research and Data Service business which includes formulating new products as well as exploring partnership strategies for Asia. Prior to Moody’s, Wendy held various key strategy, sales and marketing positions in Prudential PLC, Singapore Telecoms in Hong Kong and Singapore. Wendy is the Co-Chair of the Moody’s Asia Pacific Women’s Employee Resource Group and holds a BA in South East Asian Studies and Political Science from the National University of Singapore.

How Moody’s use Technology in the Credit Rating Business

Moody’s is an acknowledged global leader in assessing credit risk, with more than 100 years of experience in the credit rating business. Our work is the product of our very diversified workforce and its resulting analyses and research. As technology has introduced both opportunity and disruption in many areas, we have willingly acknowledged and embraced technological innovation, seeing it as essential to reinforcing our relevance and importance to the credit landscape. In this presentation, we will provide two case studies, showing how we leverage on two different technologies to resolve inefficiencies and create capacity for higher valued-added work. The two technologies are Robotic Process Automation or “bots”, and Natural Language Processing and Generation.

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