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Emergence of AI and ML:

Artificial Intelligence is deemed to be the main driver of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Until recently, practitioners have faithfully relied upon neo-classical models to make decisions and to measure performance, whether it’s in financial organisations or marketing corporations. AI is the new technology that offers an automated solution to these processes. It has the capability to replicate cognitive decisions made by humans and remove behavioural biases inherent in humans. Investment in AI has grown at a phenomenal rate with companies investing $26-39bn in 2016. Adoption in 2017, however, remains low. As a result, this has spurred companies from every industry to seize the trend and innovate – from virtual assistants to cyber security to fraud detection and much more. The majority of C-level executives have identified and agree that AI will have an impact on their industry. Only 20% of C-level executives admit they have already adopted AI technology in their businesses. For many industries there is an “imperative to catch-up”. The Finance industry is anticipated to lead the way in adoption of AI with a significant projected increase in spending over the near future.

Emergence of Big Data and Data Science:

The emergence of Data Science is considered to be a great advance in the domain of industrial problem solving. The abundance and the explosive growth of recorded data in recent years has added a new dimension to the established paradigms of theoretical, empirical and computational modelling; these are now augmented by data driven modelling. Data Science encompasses the established domains of data warehousing, data mining, cluster analysis, pattern classification, machine learning and data visualisation. The application of Machine Learning in general and Deep Learning in particular, to very large data sets, has led to ground-breaking progress in recognising patterns of sounds, images, & data. Machine learning and sentiment analysis are specific techniques that are applied in AI. These techniques are maturing and rapidly proving their value within business and commerce.

Benefits of attending:

This conference will demystify the buzz around AI and differentiate the reality from the hype. Learn about how you can benefit from the unprecedented progress in AI technologies at this conference. Participants will be presented with real insights on how they can exploit these technological advances for themselves and their companies.

Call for Participation

We are inviting speakers – thought leaders, subject experts and start up entrepreneurs – to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about their work and their vision in the field of AI, Machine Learning, Data Science and Deep Learning.

We understand that successful projects are written up as “White Papers”. Please share these with us. But projects that did not achieve their targets – “Black Papers” – are of interest to us too. They can be a very important topics of discussion / panels that you can present. Talk to us about both, we welcome your input.

Please complete the speaker’s response form and submit a proposal to present at this event.

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Programme under Development

  • -

    A treatise to adopt AI in Financial Organizations

    SK Reddy, Chief Product Officer AI, Hexagon

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming industries. Many CXOs have realized the benefits of AI and many of them want to take the organization towards AI. I would like to discuss practical approaches to cross the chasm of AI. I will also share some examples and checklists that could be used by orgs. I will try to layout a practical approach on how organizations can transform.


    SK Reddy

  • -

    The future of AI

    Adam West, Marketing, Satalia

    ♦ What is Data Driven Decision Making? And what technologies sit within it?
    ♦ What’s wrong with human decision making?
    ♦ What is AI, what it is not and why it is hard?
    ♦ Ethical AI – the challenges we face and the philosophical questions that must be answered
    ♦ Applications of AI within marketing, operations and organisational design
    ♦ Innovation and talent in the context of AI.


    Adam West

  • -

    Big is beautiful: How data from email receipts can help predict company sales

    Jakub Kolodziej, Quantitative Associate at Macquarie Group

    Macquarie analyse a large dataset of email receipts that covers the purchases of more than two million US customers. The data, sourced from QUANDL, contains weekly information on all the items purchased by each individual consumer from a large set of companies including Amazon, Walmart and Apple. In particular, for each product Macquarie gives a description, its likely classification in terms of broad goods categories, price paid, number of units, shipping costs, any discounts received and many more fields. Consumers opt in to share information available from their email accounts with a data vendor. The data is anonymised but each consumer is assigned a unique identifier which allows them to follow individual purchase histories over time and infer a profile.Using as a case study, they show that the data can generate real-time forecasts of quarterly sales that are at least as accurate as consensus. It is, however, in combining analyst insights and big data that they find the most significant improvement in predictive power. They also highlight the possibilities opened by this kind of large-scale database for a truly quantamental approach to equity valuation. Finally, they describe the technological solutions adopted to overcome the challenges posed by a dataset that can reach hundreds of millions of rows for a single firm.


    Jakub Kolodziej


Jakub Kolodziej

Macquarie Group

SK Reddy


Adam West


Previous Programme

  • 08:30 -

    Coffee and Registration

  • 09:30 -

    Start of conference – Chairperson’s introduction and welcome

  • First Session Chairperson: Professor Gautam Mitra, OptiRisk Systems/UCL -

  • 09:35 -

    Keynote: Foundations of Deep Learning, illustrated with use cases

  • 10:05 -

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision: The next frontier for process efficiency and integrity

  • 10:35 -

    Coffee break

  • Second Session Chairperson: Jochen Leidner, Director, Research, Thomson Reuters -

  • 11:00 -

    Becoming Cognitive: How to Transform Your Business

  • 11:25 -

    AI in Production: How super-intelligence becomes dumb

  • 11:50 -

    The most critical selection criterion

  • 12:15 -

    Comparing Notebooks for Data Science

  • 12:45 -

    Speaker Panel and Q&A Session

  • 13:00 -


  • Third Session Chairperson: Jochen Leidner, Director, Research, Thomson Reuters -

  • 14:00 -

    Intelligent Information: R&D and Innovation in Information Access at Thomson Reuters

  • 14:30 -

    Using Data Science for Underwriting and Risk Analytics for Unsecured Instalment Loans

  • 14:55 -

    Deep Learning is back and how enterprises can leverage it!

  • 15:05 -

    Speaker Panel and Q&A Session

  • 15:20 -

    Tea Break

  • Final Session Chairperson: Professor Gautam Mitra, OptiRisk Systems/UCL -

  • 15:45 -

    Networks are like onions: Practical Deep Learning with TensorFlow

  • 16:15 -

    Applications of Deep Learning in Business

  • 16:45 -

    Chairperson’s summary

  • 17:00 -


Previous Speakers

Bogdan Ciubotaru

CTO, Everseen Ltd

Alistair Ferag

Senior Data Scientist, Satalia

Bianca Furtuna


Barbara Fusinska

Data Scientist

Gert De Geyter

Deloitte Belgium

Jochen Leidner

Thomson Reuters

Aditya Satyadev

BizAcuity Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Tarry Singh


Josh Sutton

Global Head, Data & AI, SapientRazorfish

Armando Vieira

Data Scientist, ContextVision AB

Karlijn Willems

Data Science Journalist at Datacamp


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